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About us

Zhejiang Gaobo Robot System Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Gao Bo Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. was established in March 2000, is currently in Zhejiang Province, is a professional operation robot system integration, developed to provide personalized automation (unmanned) machinery manufacturing production systems, provide one of integrated CNC equipment and technological scheme of the most professional service provider for both inside and outside the province of mechanical manufacturing industry.

Gaobo company is Japan Mazak Mazak Corp, China small giant LGMazak, Germany Schleifring, Jin TSUGAMI (small machine tools, scheming), Nicholas, Spain (pentahedral), Japan FANUC (FANUC (robot), Germany KUKA KUKA (robot), Guangzhou CNC (robot) and other international big brand level agents.

Company specialized in domestic and international high-end CNC machine tools and technical services, machinery manufacturing technology transformation project: technology, equipment, complete sets of services. Provide robot system integration, including: articulated, truss type industrial robot system, online detection system, automatic identification system; welding robot system, robot palletizing system, automatic transport vehicles, and other.

The company for the enterprise to provide scientific and optimum scheme of manufacturing technology, process analysis, tooling and fixture loading fixture configuration, equipment selection, investment budget, trial production of new products, technical training, equipment finance mortgage (in cooperation with relevant institutions) etc. a dragon service, to help enterprises to enhance enterprise production technology, equipment level and economic benefits.

Gaobo company since its establishment in 2000 has nearly 500 users in Zhejiang and even the whole country more than 20 industry provides technological scheme of the outstanding results and equipment integration services, provide the super 1600 sets of equipment and the choice of equipment of advanced and practical, for users to enhance the level of equipment, enhance the user's ability to compete in the industry, to create a good economic benefits, the Wanxiang Group, Hangzhou Wulf chain, Ning broken Ningyi hydraulic, Taizhou Jack sewing machine, Zhejiang Shuanghuan transmission shares, Zhejiang Wanli Yang shares the majority of users of long-term trust, to provide various forms of technical advice and for more than1500 clients. Annual sales of billions of dollars.

In recent years, Gaobo company for customers to solve the employment of "labor shortage" problem, carefully developed several forms of unmanned machinery manufacturing unit, the robot automatic feeding clamping, CNC automatic machining, detection and automatic detection, automatic feedback error compensation, automatic classification of storage reliability of production. The system in Zhejiang, a listing Corporation has been reliable operation for more than three years, the product precision is stable, production efficiency is improved, can save nine into the operation of artificial.

Gao Bo company's business philosophy is: "honesty, pioneering and enterprising. Personalized professional services to the team, to create value for customers; focus on the systematic, continuous professional marketing, to create value for the producer". Make full use of we have the technical connotation and extensive external information resources, absorb, draw upon the machine brand essence, according to the needs of user configuration for optimum process equipment scheme, users can gain good performance to price ratio and the maximum investment benefits from. The company also together with financial institutions to meet the conditions of the customer to provide equipment bank mortgage installment payment service.

The company has a team including master, the specialist qualifications, professional title of senior engineer and engineer, marketing and technical services staff, technical service to provide users with CNC machine tool selection, construction project preliminary technical preparation, production process and technical solutions. Regular products as far as possible to achieve spot sales, reduce customer transaction risk and investment risk.

Gao Bo company is headquartered in Hangzhou. In Ningbo, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Taizhou, Jinhua and the only municipality in the west of Chongqing have offices. Only in Zhejiang Province, there are more than 20 industry nearly 400 customers and Gao Bo cooperation, in the high-end smart machine tool market has a certain share. Company headquarters is located in Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone hi tech business incubator 6 Main Street No. 452. Zhejiang province is the only CNC application of the provincial government awarded the public technical service center and the Chinese robot union governing units.

Gaobo company with years of mechanical manufacturing industry understanding and application of integrated automation experience, many old customers needs and trust and good cooperation resources and domestic and foreign famous robot company, is willing to pay for the development of the manufacturing industry in Zhejiang and even the take-off to contribute their strength.